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Dog Behaviours Explained for National Dog Day

National Dog Day is a day to celebrate our four-legged companions, and being in tune with their behaviour is important for understanding how they’re feeling. We want to make sure they’re happy and content on a day that’s dedicated to them, so that’s why we’ve compiled a list explaining different pup behaviours.
Dog behaviour Infographic from Sainsburys Bank
Dogs that exhibit tail wagging accompanied by a lowered front end and open mouth means they’re ready to play, so get their favourite toy ready! If their ears are pricked with the white of their eyes showing, that means they're fearful, so it’s important to try and comfort them. Your dog may be nervous if they have a low and fast wagging tail, which is their version of a nervous laugh.
If your pup loves to make noise, you may be wondering what they’re barking at. If they have a high rising bark, they’re wanting to a play. Howling, on the other hand, is their response to a high-pitched noise, such as a doorbell. Low growling means they’re feeling threatened or fearful so you should give them some space.
To understand more dog behaviours, our friends at Sainsbury’s Bank have created a guide detailing different dog body languages and what they mean.