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Must have dog travel products

Where ever you are traveling with your dog, there are a number of must have items you need to take with you. Here is a list of our

Depending on where you are going and what you plan to do when you arrive, there are lots of things that will make your trip easier and more fun.

For this article, we've focused on generic items that you will most likely need for any trip.

1. Safety first - unfortunately, accidents do happen

Speaking from experience, accidents really do happen and there is nothing worse than the panic you experience when your dog need first aid and you have nothing to hand. We've experienced some nasty cuts so always recommend a basic first aid kit is on your list of things to take on your trip.

Top tip:

There are some first aid items you and your dog can share. Research which items are sutable for both hounds and humans to save space and money.

2. A good bag - be organised.

With things like leads, bowls, water, toys, bedding and more to carry, a good bag is a must have! There are specialist dog travel bags on the market, like the Overland Travel bag. But a good rucksack is a great option. If you have lots to carry and want to spread the load, a dog saddle bag is also an option.

Top tip:

When choosing a bag, multiple pockets and sections will make it easier to get to specific items.

3. Water - keep your pooch hydrated.

Staying hydrated is important for both you and your dog. You should always have water and a bowl with you. Products like the RAC travel water bottle is a neat all in one bottle and a bowl. Alternative products include collapsible bowls.

Top tip:

Weight and space is key, so space saving options will make your trip easier. Remember bowls can be used for both water and food.

4. Food - a dogs gotta eat.

There are two things to consider with food, storage and eating. Depending on what type of food you choose to feed your dog, you're going to need to think about how it's stored alongside how you feed your dog.

Storage: A cool box or bag is a good option for food that needs to be kept cool. Some cooler boxes can be plugged into your car others use ice blocks.

Feeding: Collapsible bowls are a must have.

Top tip:

A cool box or bag can be used for you're own food as well as your dogs. Some picnic bags and boxes could also be a good idea, depending on the type of trip you are going on.

5. Towels and wipes - for those mucky pups.

If your dog is anything like ours, they love a run in the mud and to roll in a special kind of fox scent (I'm sure we need not say anymore). Having something to clean and dry your dog is a very good idea. Keeping your dog clean will help with keeping everything else clean. There are many types of towels and wipes you can consider, including some clever paw cleaners we've seen.

Top tip:

Microfibre towels are light weight, easy to store and fast drying.

6. Treats - keep them engaged.

Treats are always a good idea. They enable you to reward good behavior and re-enforce training. The higher the associated value of the treat the better as your dog is more likely to behave if they REALLY like the treats you have with you

Top tip:

Take a treat bag that can be attached to your belt or bag.

7. Travel bedding - for cozy canines.

A good travel bed is an essential piece of kit when traveling with your dog. Choosing a bed that is the right balance between comfort and function is key. There are many types of beds, crates and cushions.

Top tip:

Let your dog use the bed in advance of your trip. This way they will be familiar and more comfortable with their bed.

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